Wabash Trivia Challenge #2 – Part 1

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Faculty, General, Memory Jog

Last night, the Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men hosted another in our series of monthly after-work gatherings. We’ve been hosting them at various places around the Indy metro area as an informal way for alums to get together.

In April, I concocted a quiz of Wabash trivia. For this round, I decided to ask current Wabash faculty members for help. Plus, it’s a good opportunity to meet some of the College’s new faculty.

So, they provided the questions to test your liberal arts knowledge. I’ll post answers later. Let’s see how you guys do.

And no Googling!

Category 1: Division I – The Sciences

Dr. Laura Wysocki teaching a chemistry lab.

Dr. Laura Wysocki teaching a chemistry lab.

Organic chemistry, from Dr. Laura Wysocki:

1. How many bonds does carbon typically have in an organic molecule?

2. What is the name of the gas, CH4?

Biology, from Dr. Austin Brooks ’61:

3. The Central Dogma of molecular biology states that DNA makes RNA and it in turn directs the synthesis of what?

Physics, from Dr. Dennis Krause:

4. If a large truck smashes into a small car at an intersection, which vehicle exerts the larger force on the other: the truck on the car or the car on the truck?

5. Name the physicist whose law of gravity explains the motion of the planets around the Sun as well as why all objects near the Earth fall with the same acceleration.


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