Wabash Trivia Challenge #1 – Part 5

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Arts & Culture, General, Memory Jog

OK, you’re in the home stretch. Here are the last questions from my Wabash Trivia Challenge.


Six area Wabash alumni run and brew four microbreweries in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. The following questions pertain to them.

17. This brewery, located in a brick 1920s mule barn at the old Ft. Harrison, produces Rail Splitter IPA, Fieldhouse Wheat, and the Magnificent Amber.

18. You can find this brewery’s cans of Sunlight Cream Ale, Wee Mac Scottish Ale, and Osiris Pale Ale in more than 500 area bars, restaurants, and liquor stores.

19. Most of the beers at this Plainfield brewpub don’t have titles, except for the Fuggles Mild Triple.

20. This Noblesville restaurant features the Dirty Helen Brown Ale, Flat Top Wheat Ale, and Barfly IPA.

Bonus Tiebreaker Question

+ In 118 meetings between DePauw and Wabash, what is the total number of points that Wabash has scored?


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