Wabash Trivia Challenge #1 – Part 4

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Arts & Culture, Memory Jog, The Dannies

Ready for the fourth round of my Wabash Trivia Challenge? Hold your nose: It’s about our neighbors to the south.

Category 4: Know Thine Enemy (DePauw)

Marvin's GCB: The Garlic Cheeseburger

13. Founded in 1837 by the Methodist Church, what was the original name of DePauw?

14. What DePauw alumnus made the following statement at the 1999 impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton? “Not only is Mr. Kendall my friend, Mr. Kendall has, unfortunately, the distinction of graduating from Wabash College, in a little, small town in Indiana, and I’m a graduate of DePauw University, and we have a 100-year rivalry.”

15. Joe Allen, a 1959 graduate of DePauw could not attend the 1982 Monon Bell game because he was on a much publicized trip, though he did carry a replica of the Bell with him. Where was he?

16. The campus burger joint, Marvin’s, is well-known for its “GCBs” and its slogan “Marvin’s Delivers Anywhere.” In 1986, some Dannies made national news by getting arrested for displaying a Marvin’s banner where?

  1. Matt says:

    Asbury is the name for Depauw early on…one of my judges from Morgan County Circuit Court was on the board of trustees…that’s what I get for my history degree…useless knowledge I can share with others….

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