Wabash Trivia Challenge #1 – Part 3

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Arts & Culture, Community, Fraternities, General, Memory Jog

Now for the third category of my Wabash Trivia Challenge.

Category 3: …Both On and Off Campus…

9. Last year, the College replaced its yearlong sophomore course, Cultures and Traditions, with a second-semester freshman required course, Enduring Questions. What course did C&T replace?

10. Located at 1114 East Main Street across from Turtle Park, this ice cream stand was the first establishment in Montgomery County to offer drive-thru service.

11. Of Wabash’s 10 fraternities—including the Delts—how many have their national or international headquarters in the Indianapolis area?

12. Which musical act has not performed on the campus of Wabash College: Foghat, The Tubes, The Feelies, The Talking Heads, The BoDeans, Outkast, Wyclef Jean, Ben Folds, or GirlTalk?


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