Wabash Trivia Challenge #1 – Part 1

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Arts & Culture, Football, General, Memory Jog, Monon Bell Classic, Sports, The Dannies, Tradition

Last night, the Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men hosted that latest in our series of after-work gatherings. We’ve been hosting them at various places around the Indy metro area as an informal way for alums to get together.

For the occasion, I wrote up a pub quiz that was Wabash themed. I’m posting that quiz here in five segments. I’ll post answers later. Let’s see how you guys do. No peeking at copies of Wabash on My Mind!

Category 1: The Monon Bell Game

1. What was the name given to the 1965 heist that involved a Wabash student posing as a Mexican dignitary to learn the secret location of the Monon Bell?

2. In which year was the Monon Bell introduced as a traveling trophy for the game?

3. The game has been played continuously since 1911, and it was not contested the year before because of the death earlier in the season of which player, known for his dying words, “Did Wabash win?”

4. On November 10, 2001, during the 108th Monon Classic, in the fourth quarter with the score tied 21-21, QB Jake Knott launched a Hail Mary pass that bounced (or was tipped) off of Ryan Short into the arms of Kurt Casper to win the game as time ran out. How much time was on the game clock at the beginning of “The Catch”?

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